Remote Desktop Login Notification Tool

RDP Email Notifications When Someone Logs into Your Server

Instant Email Notification with local audit Logs

Remote Desktop Email Notification Tool


Our tool In Action

Fully Adjustable Configuration

Quickly Change Your Administrator Group

(For Admin-Only Notifications)​​

Change Your Organisation Group

(From Email Display)​​

Flexibility Over The Recipient Email


Notifications per Month: 10
$ 0 per month
  • Unlimited number of devices in the same organisation
  • Version updates included
  • Free up to 10 notifications per month
  • Emailing service included via our mailrelay
  • No support included


Notifications per Month: Unlimited
$ 6 Per device per month* (1-5 devices)
  • Unlimited number of devices in the same organisation
  • Version updates included
  • Unlimited notifications per month
  • Email support
  • Emailing service included via our mailrelay
  • Tiered pricing discounts

Enterprise / MSP

Unlimited Notifications per Month
Let's Talk
  • Unlimited number of devices in the same organisation
  • SOC Integration via API/Manual Push
  • Version updates included
  • Custom feature requests
  • Emailing service included via our mailrelay. Or we can assist in configuring your own SMTP server
  • Email, Phone and remote support
  • White Labeling

What Installation Looks Like


You must be an Administrator and have the writes to run Scheduled tasks as SYSTEM.

Please note – if you created a 2nd Admin on a Domain Controller, make sure they have the rights to RUN TASKS as Admins

Our tool is registering scheduled tasks to run in both "Logged In / Not Logged mode" , to register the task the password token must be used WE DO NOT STORE the password and they are cleared from memory after the install


Internet connection is required during the installation process due to Powershell models being downloaded, after the install only Outbound port 62551 for the outgoing SMTP email messages

We have tested the tool on the following OS:

Windows Server 2016/2019/2022

Can work on 2012 after upgrading Powershell to the latest version

But to test any other OS, install the free version to confirm it works with your setup.

The server needs to have outbound internet which means. The server must be able to send an SMTP message outside (using a custom port 62551). With the exception of the Enterprise version which can use an internal SMTP

We only send a “counter” message so we can manage usage for licensing purposes. We work within the GDPR framework and only send the; external IP, device name,organisation name, and Build Version, No PII is sent to us 


You can remove it very easily:

First step – delete the folder you chose to install with all its files

Step two – delete the 2 scheduled tasks

That's it – we do not store any registry info


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