vCISO Consulting for SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may have limited resources and expertise to manage their cybersecurity and data privacy, this makes them more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and attacks.


A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) gives your business the cybersecurity expertise needed to create a strategy that protects your critical assets and mitigates risks.


Without the cost and commitment of hiring a full-time employee.

What can a vCISO do for your SMB?

The responsibilities of a vCISO will vary based on an SMBs needs and strategies. However, some basic responsibilities of a vCISO for SMBs may include the following:

Most SMBs will have little or no cybersecurity strategies in place. A vCISO will work with your organization to develop a strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives and addresses specific risks and vulnerabilities.

Whether you need SOC 2 compliance for your SaaS clients, or you want to comply with GDPR, or SEC regulations, a vCISO can help discuss requirements and how to make this possible for your organization. 

More than developing and communicating strategies, the vCISO is responsible for making sure the right measures are in place. Whether that means a back-up and recovery solution, as well as ongoing monitoring. 

SMBs may not be fully aware of their cyber needs and the existing risks. As the expert, it’s up to the vCISO to quantify and communicate this to the organization’s leaders and make them understand the need for cybersecurity measures and how it benefits the business. 

Cybersecurity is everyone's problem, and employees need to be aware their role in protecting the business. Your vCISO can not only grow and scale the team through recruitment, but ensure employees are trained to follow best practices.

“Eli Migdal is one of the most valuable people I've ever worked with. He thinks on the cutting edge of GRC readiness, cyber security, and information systems. His leadership, organizational, and technology deployment skills have been invaluable to the company. He is a dedicated and goal oriented strategist that cannot be overestimated.”

Utilize Over 15 Years of vCISO Experience With Migdal Computing

Leveraging over 15 years of proven experience in large and enterprise businesses, Migdal Computing can provide a wide range of IT consulting and recruitment services. For SMBs, this could mean designing and implementing strategies, tools, and infrastructure.


We can also provide monthly, quarterly, or annual management to ensure the goals of the business align with your cyber and IT strategy. With the right systems and management in place, you can lead your business to success.

Global vCISO - Eli Migdal

As an experienced CISO in Enterprise level companies, and one of Microsoft’s recommended cyber security consultants and a senior business partner for 9+ years, Eli has honed his skills at translating technology for boards and decision-makers to get results.


Having helped numerous companies in various industries with their cyber solutions he is able to help clients with the strategies that fit the unique needs of SMBs.

“Eli is a consummate professional; capable of designing, building and delivering, all scales of IT and Security related projects on time and within budget. He always went the 'extra mile' to deliver the solution requested, is extremely personable and fits seamlessly and quickly into an organisation.”